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One-to-one classes

 POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS – One-to-one classes

If you prefer
- private classes with your teacher
- your own curriculum
- your own lesson schedule
then this course is for you!
Course length
You can chose your own course length but 10 lessons are the minimum.
Lesson length
Each lesson is 45 minutes long.
Number of lessons per week
You can learn at your own pace but we recommend 2 weekly meetings 90 minutes each to ensure good learning practice and progress.
Lesson schedule
We can make your schedule as friendly as possible and synchronise it with your other commitments – classes or work hours.
Course dates
One-to-one classes are possible during the academic year and/or summer.
Academic year – October 2013 – October 2014
Price of your course is calculated according to several factors:
- the time of the year (summer courses are cheaper!)
- the length of your course (longer courses are cheaper!)
Minimum payment is for a 10-lesson module. We require advance payment for the entire course or payment in instalments made before each module.
You only need to fill in the attached enrolment form and send it to us. We will contact you and arrange a course for you. Or simply come and see us during office hours.

Enrolment Form

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