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Part one
Read the sentences and their missing parts carefully and then choose and circle the answer.
For each question only one answer is correct.

1) Kyleene hasn't written a letter to her parents for two months now. They are ______.
a) worried
b) busy
c) rich

2) ______ some pencils and a notebook on the table.
a) There is
b) There are
c) It is

3) "Where ______ your clothes"? Usually in the shopping center outside Poznañ.
a) buy you
b) do you buy
c) are you buy

4) Patrick works in a big business company, where he earns ______ money.
Now he is going to buy a new car.
a) a little
b) a lot
c) a lot of

5) "Are those Ann's pens "? "Yes. They are ______ pens".
a) his
b) hers
c) her

6) "How ______ did you buy at the fair"? "Only two grammar books for my English class".
a) many books
b) much books
c) much book

7) The children ______ their homework at the moment. They can't go out.
a) does
b) are doing
c) do

8) "Would you like to go to a football game tomorrow night"? "______".
a) Yes, I want
b) No, I don't like
c) Yes, that would be great

9) Friday is my favourite day. ______ Fridays I usually play basketball with my friends.
a) In
b) To
c) On

10) Jackie is ______ than Marilyn, though both girls are kind and intelligent.
a) prettier
b) prettiest
c) most pretty

11) I would like to visit Africa and see some wild ______ animals.
a) africanian
b) African
c) african

12) "Where ______ your vacation last year"? "In Portugal".
a) do you spend
b) spent you
c) did you spend

13) We didn't go to London because the trip was too expensive. We couldn't ______ it.
a) receive
b) afford
c) stand

14) Successful businesspeople aren't ______. On the contrary, they are usually hard-working.
a) lazy
b) patient
c) clever

15) In the future people will want ______ on the Moon.
a) live
b) to live
c) to living

16) "Are you afraid ______ dogs"? "No. I have one at home".
a) for
b) at
c) of

17) Relatives are ______.
a) your friends
b) your family members
c) people who you work with

18) When you have a sore throat, you ______.
a) can't speak
b) can't walk
c) sleep a lot

19) A queue is ______.
a) a long story
b) a kind of game
c) a line in which people wait to get something

20) "Don't be late ______ your next class because we are going on a trip to the park",
the teacher said.
a) in
b) at
c) for

21) The school is in front of the park, so the park is ______ the school.
a) over
b) behind
c) between

22) A ______ is a doctor who operates on people.
a) surgeon
b) technician
c) vet

23) "Is that fat young man your brother "? "Oh no. My brother is tall and ______".
a) plump
b) slim
c) short

24) Don't ______ your time watching silly films. You have work to do.
a) move
b) waste
c) throw

25) This young talented actress will soon become ______ famous as Maryl Streep or Sharon
a) like
b) much
c) as

Part two
Read the sentences and their missing parts carefully and then choose and circle the answer.
For each question only one answer is correct.

26) Turn ______ the music please. I'd like to concentrate on my homework and need silence.
a) on
b) in
c) off

27) The place where criminals go to serve the sentence is ______ prison.
a) called
b) said
c) told

28) If you can't sleep at night, you should drink ______ coffee.
a) much
b) less
c) few

29) What ______ when I called you last night?
a) do you do
b) did you
c) were you doing

30) The coach ______ his team to come to the gym before the match.
a) said
b) spoke
c) told

31) I don't think we ______ before. My name's Sheila. Nice to meet you.
a) meeting
b) have met
c) did meet

32) If the boss ______ you a new position, what would you say?
a) offered
b) offers
c) will offer

33) "I have a new friend". "Really? ______"? "Tall with fair hair and a beautiful smile".
a) How is he
b) Who is he
c) What is he like

34) An accountant has to be good at ______.
a) maths
b) physics
c) languages

35) Although Josh ______, he plays basketball well.
a) can swim
b) isn't very tall
c) can run fast

36) I can't find my keys anywhere. They've ______.
a) delayed
b) disappeared
c) destroyed

37) I ______ Adrian for ages. How is he doing"?
a) haven't seen
b) didn't see
c) weren't seeing

38) I couldn't swim in the pool. It wasn't ______.
a) enough deep
b) deep enough
c) much deep

39) A pedestrian is a person who ______.
a) is selling his/her house
b) doesn't have a home
c) is walking in the street

40) Would you mind ______ that book for me please?
a) to get
b) getting
c) to getting

41) Peter got lost because he ______ the way to his friends' house.
a) forgets
b) was forgetting
c) had forgotten

42) I haven't ______ that dress since I put on five kilograms last summer. Now it fits again.
a) wore
b) wored
c) worn

43) You ______ very good at English if you use the language more often.
a) became
b) will become
c) becoming

44) If you are unemployed, you should ______.
a) look for a job
b) see your doctor
c) invest some money

45) You ______ wear a short skirt in a church in Rome. It is forbidden.
a) would
b) must
c) mustn't

46) While cutting ______ into pieces, people usually cry.
a) onions
b) cabbages
c) carrots

47) Dr. Thomson is the man ______ helped us find this cheap house.
a) which
b) who
c) whom

48) Rice ______ in Europe. Europeans grow mostly wheat.
a) doesn't produce
b) isn't producing
c) isn't produced

49) Could you ______ me your bike for the weekend? I'd like to go on a trip with my friends.
a) borrow
b) lend
c) lent

50) I couldn't live in the country. There is no ______ there and I like going out and having fun.
a) advertisement
b) entertainment
c) engagement

Part three
Read the sentences and their missing parts carefully and then choose and circle the answer.
For each question only one answer is correct.

51) Some people aren't able ______ the laws of physics.
a) to understand
b) of understanding
c) understanding
d) understand

52) "I wonder why they haven't sent me the brochure". "They ______ that you asked for it".
a) may forget
b) may have forgotten
c) may forgot
d) may to forget

53) Tourists ______ to take pictures inside the cathedral.
a) aren't allowed
b) don't allow
c) couldn't allow
d) aren't allowing

54) Mr. Dawson is extremely rich, but he's also ______. He simply enjoys giving others
whatever he can.
a) proud
b) tolerant
c) generous
d) sympathetic

55) There is some orange juice and beer left in the fridge, ______? Check this out for me as
I'm going shopping.
a) isn't it
b) there is
c) is it
d) isn't there

56) I can't believe Ron had to move out. No one would make me ______ my home.
a) leave
b) to leave
c) leaving
d) to leaving

57) The wallpaper in the bedroom is peeling, the floor in the kitchen is ruined, and the stairs
have become slippery. The house definitely ______ redecorating.
a) is needing
b) is needing to
c) needs to
d) needs

58) ______ wonderful vacations, go to the seaside!
a) By spending
b) In order that spend
c) To spend
d) So to spend

59) I am sure that our company ______ a lot of money last year if we had accepted the offer.
a) would make
b) had to make
c) would have made
d) could make

60) Elena lost her job in insurance, but ______ a position in a travel agency.
Now she has a very good job again.
a) offered
b) was offered
c) has offered
d) had offered

61) When I last saw Kim, she told me that she ______ to work in Spain.
I guess she is in Spain now.
a) was going
b) is going
c) will be going
d) won't be going

62) I wish I ______ your advice. I would be sunbathing in the Caribbean now.
a) took
b) have taken
c) take
d) had taken

63) Christi has always dreamed about a cat, but unfortunately she is allergic ______ cat's fur.
a) for
b) from
c) to
d) of

64) "Are you ready to order, Madam"? "Yes, ______ chicken in lemon sauce please".
a) I'll have
b) I'm going to have
c) I'd have
d) I'll be having

65) In autumn people usually carry umbrellas in case ______.
a) it would rain
b) it rained
c) it rains
d) it will rain

66) I'm sorry to say so, but your child is stubborn as a ______.
a) pig
b) mule
c) peacock
d) horse

67) Hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes are all natural ______.
a) diseases
b) disasters
c) advantages
d) gossips

68) "Who do you suspect ______ the crime"? "All the evidence points to Jerry Soria".
a) of committing
b) to commit
c) that committed
d) of committing

69) "When are Sue and Keith coming"? "The plane ______ to arrive at 5, so they will be
here soon after that".
a) is dued
b) is due
c) must due
d) due

70) "I've failed my paper because of spelling errors". "You ______ a dictionary while writing it".
a) should use
b) had to use
c) should have used
d) must to use

71) After the plane took ______, the flight attendants began to bring the passengers drinks
and snacks.
a) up
b) off
c) on
d) in

72) The people ______ I talked to yesterday are the foreign company executives.
a) which
b) that
c) with whom
d) to whom

73) I know how busy you usually are, so I really ______ you could come to my birthday party.
a) appreciate
b) admit
c) avoid
d) assume

74) Rebecca and James are a very happy couple. They know how to ______ with each other.
a) get on
b) get up
c) get into
d) get

75) When I saw him I got so scared that I couldn't move. He looked really ______.
a) frighting
b) frightened
c) fright
d) frightening

Part four
Read the sentences and their missing parts carefully and then choose and circle the answer.
For each question only one answer is correct.

76) You can't refuse ______ in the competition when everyone is counting on you.
a) participating
b) to participate
c) participation
d) in participating

77) ______ financial difficulties, Greg managed to complete his expensive studies and is now
applying for a managerial position.
a) Although
b) However
c) Despite
d) In spite

78) When I asked the manager why he ______ our best electrician, he looked at me,
shook his head, and didn't say a word.
a) fired
b) fire
c) will fire
d) had fired

79) "So you did plan to see him that day"? "Oh, no, I didn't. It was just a chance ______".
a) encounter
b) encouragement
c) approach
d) appeal

80) It's not polite to ______ when somebody is speaking. You should wait until they have finished.
a) invent
b) interrupt
c) involve
d) insert

81) Mr. McIntyre is unlikely ______ the election as he's not very popular with local people.
a) to win
c) win
b) of winning
d) winning

82) Right after the war broke ______, hundreds of people crossed the border looking for an asylum.
a) out
b) up
c) in
d) off

83) In our town there is a school for children who have hearing defects. The ______ are
learning sign language there.
a) blind
b) deprived
c) dumb
d) deaf

84) After 30, many men start losing their hair and soon become ______.
a) pane
b) plain
c) fold
d) bald

85) Some people buy fast sports cars; ______ prefer cheaper and slower station wagons.
a) other
b) others
c) another
d) another people

86) When students miss lessons, they then have to ______ with the rest of the class.
a) catch up
b) catch
c) catch in
d) catch on

87) Next year Natalie and Greg will celebrate their tenth wedding ______.
a) date
b) day
c) anniversary
d) annual

88) ______ or milk products are considered the best source of calcium.
a) calorific
b) diary
c) dairy
d) light

89) The government ______ its housing policy long ago.
Now more and more people are becoming homeless.
a) should have changed
b) should change
c) ought have changed
d) ought to change

90) Thousands of children in Third World countries are dying of ______. That's why rich
nations collect food and send it to Africa and Asia as humanitarian aid.
a) diabetes
b) cancer
c) pneumonia
d) starvation

91) If you let me ______ a friend to your party, there'll be five of us.
a) bring
b) to bring
c) to bringing
d) bringing

92) We all ______ to welcome the professor when he entered the hall.
a) rise
b) risen
c) rose
d) arise

93) The rainforest on ______ in South America belongs to the world's largest green areas.
a) Amazon
b) Amazon River
c) the Amazon
d) River Amazon

94) Michelle never got used ______ in the suburbs. She always thought of moving to the city.
a) to living
b) to live
c) living
d) for living

95) The US dollar is probably the most popular ______ used in international trade.
a) current
b) currency
c) currant
d) cash

96) Why do you insist ______ by car? The plane would be a lot faster.
a) for travelling
b) to travel
c) on travelling
d) travelling

97) Elephants, tigers, and bears are ______, whereas mosquitoes and bees are insects.
a) crustaceans
b) reptiles
c) rodents
d) mammals

98) When Professor Clark retires, he ______ for almost thirty years.
a) has been working
b) is going to work
c) will have been working
d) will work

99) Everything _________ was said is a secret and you are not to tell anyone about it.
a) whom
b) that
c) of which
d) of that

100) "Diane and Kevin are going on a tour round Europe". "Well, I think they ________ spend the money on something else".
a) would
b) had better
c) had better to
d) would rather to

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